About Us

techscene Online is an online gadgets shop. Established in July 2017 by an already retailing company since 2014.
techscene Online is aimed at making gadgets shopping a less cumbersome and complicated task. People now rely on technology for the everyday movement of life. We aim to reduce the level of inadequacy that comes from purchasing gadgets online. Our policy seeks to acclaim that “what you see is what you get”. We try as best as we can to make our website user friendly, engaging people of all ages by keeping up with the trends. We have simple online presence making it easier for our customers to get in contact with us. We have established partnerships with regional and global distributors. All this to bring the best quality to our customers hustle free.


We aspire to be the leading gadget retailer in Zimbabwe on all platforms. Guaranteeing the fullest level of satisfaction and adequacy. Value for your money coupled with the most suitable gadget deals for everyday use.