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With seven microphones, beam-forming technology, and noise cancellation, Alexa speaker hears you from any direction-even while music is playing
Just ask Alexa to control your compatible smart lights, thermostats, locks, and more.
Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new features and skills. Just ask Alexa to control your TV, check flight status, and more.
NB!! Spotify not yet available on this device.

Tell Stories
Sometimes it’s nice to have someone read to you. Children understand this instinctively, but grown-ups often forget how comforting stories can be. You might be surprised to hear this, but Alexa is an impressive storyteller. She has a wide collection of bedtime stories, interactive tales, and choose-your-own-adventure narratives. To get started, open the Alexa app, select Skills > Categories and then search for storytelling skills like Short Bedtime Story, Story Teller, Amazon Storytime and Crazy Stories. Once you’re set-up, ask Alexa to read you a happy story and snuggle into the couch.

Life Coaching
Life coaches provide their students’ valuable lessons. One of the first teachings is that being polite is its own reward. So when you say, “Alexa, good morning,” and, “Alexa, good afternoon,” your Alexa Speaker will give you uplifting mantras to think about for the day. In the morning, Alexa will give you motivational quotes; and in the afternoon, she’ll respond with helpful tips and friendly encouragement.

Cheer You Up
We all have bad days and need a little help turning our frowns upside down. If you ever find yourself storming through the front door and slamming your bag on the counter, Alexa can cheer you up with some lighthearted humor. Open the Alex app on your smartphone and navigate to Menu > Settings > Skills > Categories and then search for the Cheer Upskill. Once installed, you can ask Alexa to cheer you up, and she will tell you jokes and share inspirational quotes until you can’t help but smile.

Impersonate a Local News Anchor
You probably already know that you can ask Alexa to read you the news by asking, “Alexa, what’s new?” or, “Alexa, read me the news.” But did you know that you can customize the news sources Alexa draws from? So instead of hearing the Market Place Business Report, you can get local news that affects your daily life. Open the Alexa app and go to Menu > Settings> Flash Briefing. You’ll see a list of media outlets that you can add to by selecting “Get More Flash Briefing content.”

What’s in the box
1 x Alexa Speakers – WSP300

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What’s in the box 1 x Alexa Speakers – WSP300

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