Apacer AS330 Panther 960GB 2.5″ SATA III Internal

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Apacer AS330 Panther 960GB 2.5″ SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD), Retail Box, Limited 3 Year Warranty


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Product Overview:
Speed, power, precision
Apacer Company is pleased to introduce high-quality and high-speed model of SSD AS330 PANTHER, which allows you to develop your computer speed, comparable to running Panther. Company Apacer examines how the popularization of high-speed transmission and its mission launches latest models of solid state drive (SSD), which implements the data interface of the new generation SATAIII. It provides an excellent reading / writing speed, which reaches 545/520 MB / s (960 GB). PANTHER model is perfect for users of gaming desktops, laptops, and network attached storage (NAS).

• Compatible with SATA interface, 6.0 Gb / s.
• Exceptional read speed of up to 545 MB / s.
• Phenomenal recording speed, up to 520 MB / s.
• Support SATA Power Management.
• Robust mechanism error correction code (Error Correcting Code, ECC): up to 72 bit / 1K.
• Buffer cache single data rate (Single Data Rate, SDR) for amplification input-output efficiency.
• Supports SMART command
• Queuing own teams (Native Command Queueing, NCQ).

Convenient upgrade to the ultra-high read speed 545 MB / s.
Advanced technology and a confident position in the market Apacer company in the field of solid-state drives allow it to produce superior and cost-effective model. Users can easily upgrade to carry out ultra-high read speed 545 MB / s.

AS330 PANTHER is the latest model SSD from the company Apacer, which contributed to the popularization of such vehicles. It supports the new generation interface SATAIII, provides ultra-high data transfer rate 6 Gbit / s, along with the most advanced 8-channel synchronous transmission scheme. This makes it possible to achieve read / write speeds of up to 545/520 MB / s. In addition, PANTHER – this is the only budget model, suitable for beginners.

Many advantages makes this model the best option for high-speed modernization of desktop computers and laptops.
Company Apacer suggests that desktop users are using the PANTHER drive as the system drive, and the original hard disk drive – data storage. This approach allows high speed transmission and large storage capacity. To meet the needs of different users in the PANTHER model has 120/240/480/960 GB capacity. The company Apacer places specially developed software on their site – SSD Widget, which allows users to check the status of SSDs, as well as to quickly perform firmware updates.

Increase efficiency with low power consumption.
The model PANTHER implemented advanced features degree of surface wear leveling disc and error correcting code (Error Correction Code, ECC), and is supported by Windows 7 TRIM command. These features not only extend the life of SSDs and increase operational stability, but also maintain the performance for a long time. In addition, the model is supported by the sleeper PANTHER DEVSLP (Device Sleep) mode which provides a low power consumption and can effectively extend the service life of the laptop battery. On the model AS330 PANTHER is given a 3-year global warranty, and users can properly estimate the maximum read / write speed!

• Capacity: 960 GB
• Interface: SATA III 6 Gbit / s
• NAND flash memory: TLC
• Cache Memory: 960GB: 1024MB
• Supported read speed (MB / sec): 960 GB: up to 545 MB /
• The supported recording speed (MB / sec): 960 GB: up to 520MB
• Support ECC: Up to 72 bits / 1K
• Shock resistance: 500 G / 2 ms
• Resistance to vibration: 80 ~ 2000 Hz / 20 G
• Low power consumption: Activity: 1 200 / plain: 150 (unit: mA)
• Humidity: Relative humidity 90% at temperatures up to 40 ° C
• Standard Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
• storage temperature: from -40 ° C to 85 ° C
• dimensions: 100 (L) x 69.9 (W) x 7 (H)

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