Enduring Women’s Silicone Wedding Ring – 3 Pack

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Do you live an active life where regular removals of your wedding ring occur?
– Would you like an alternative ring that is comfortable but tough enough to protect your fingers from associated injuries?
– Do you worry about your metal wedding ring getting stolen, damaged or lost?
– If you have answered yes to any of the above then the Enduring silicone ring is the perfect fit for you!

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In stock

Product Overview

Pack of 3 Elegant Rings:
– Enduring comes in a pack of three different colour rings to suit your mood, enclosed in an elegant box.
– The rings have a lightweight design with ultra-smooth edges.
Finest Silicone:
– Enduring uses only pure medical grade quality silicone.
– This ensures optimum comfort with a soft, smooth, and pliable fit with no hard edges.
– It is hypoallergenic, nonconductive, and non-porous so you’re safe, secure, and able to conveniently wear and wash without issue throughout your work day or excursion.
– The proprietary silicone blend withstands the toughest weather conditions without cracking or drying out.
– Each ring breaks away at 20kg of pressure for safety.
– Heat resistance is rated up to 200 degrees Celsius without melting or distorting its shape.
– Dirt, oil, and paint will wash off with ease.
– Wedding bands pose a serious risk of irreversible “ring avulsion” or tearing of the soft tissue which can cause partial or total loss of a finger.
– People that work with their hands are at an increased risk for this type of injury.
– Our rings are manufactured with high-grade silicone providing comfort and safety.
– Enduring Rings are safe to wear around machinery, can be worn with gloves, and won’t easily slip off.
– Could one just not wear a ring at work? Of course. But, a wedding ring is a public statement of your commitment to your partner
Lifetime Warranty:
– Each Enduring Ring comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
– If your ring suffers damage or breaks, take advantage of our free replacement forever policy.
– You will never have to buy another ring.
Who would need to wear a silicone ring?
– Sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts: Lightweight and comfortable when training
– New Parents: Will not scratch or pinch your new baby
– Chefs: Hygienic, safe and easy to clean
– Attorneys, airport staff, security personnel: No need to take them off when passing metal detectors
– Gardening: Easy to clean
– Mechanics: Reduces risk ring avulsion risk, easier to clean
– Woodworkers: Safer when working with rotating machinery
– Guitar players: Does not make a noise on plugged in instruments, nor does it damage the headstock
– Pregnant women: Much more comfortable with those swelling fingers!

– True to Size according to the National Jewellers Industry Standard.
– To ensure a proper fit, your silicone ring should be able to spin on your finger, and yet not fall off when you shake your hand.
– Measure inside ring for diameter.
– Size 7 = 17.3mm = Size N 1/2
– Size 8 = 18.1mm = Size P 1/2
– Size 9 = 18.9mm = Size R 1/2
– Size 10 = 19.8mm = Size T 1/2
– Size 11 = 20.6mm = Size V 1/2
– Size 12 = 21.4mm = Size X 1/2

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