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The solar oven is the latest form of solar cooking. It will reach a temperature of 400 degrees in full sunlight.. The Solar Oven will …
Bake bread or cake
Grill chicken
Braai meat
Cook stew
Fry eggs
It can do anything an electric oven can do, only, it cooks for free,
– using only the heat of the sun and there is NO Pollution
The Solar oven is safe for children to handle, and only the inside of
– the tube gets hot.
The Solar oven is very light and can be carried like a suitcase to sport
– functions, the beach, picnic spots,holiday or anywhere in ones home
Its easy to cook with the Solar Oven, just put the food, with spice on,
– onto the grid or in the long pot with out the grid, and place the pot
into the tube. The tube is 12cm diameter. Face the tube towards the
– sun, and leave it too cook by itself, one needs to turn it towards the
– sun every 2 or 3 hours.
It cooks very fast, it will grill a chicken in 1 hour, bake bread in
– about 45 minutes, and braai wors in about 30 minutes
The Solar Oven will pay for itself in about 5 months, by saving you the
– cost of electricity.
Great for power outages


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