Speedheat 5kW Instant Water Heater Shower Head

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This electric unit has been redesigned with an enclosed stainless steel sheathed element for use in all conditions of water. This latest design has been tested and approved to the European Standards IEEC 335-1, IEEC 335-2-35 and BS EN 335-1:1988.


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  • SPEEDHEAT is available in, a 3.5kW or 5kW unit.
  • There are attachments available (Optional Extra Choose Below), A Chromed gooseneck shower rose and a chromed basin mixer.
  • Saves electricity and water consumption.
  • It is cheaper and easier to install, compared to an electric boiler/geyser.
  • The element can be cleaned or replaced if there is a calcium build-up on it.
  • It is fitted with a thermal cut out switch. (A safety feature which switches off the element should the water get too hot) This prevents the element from burning out.
  • It can be used in a low water pressure area, it requires a minimum of 60 kPa / 0.1 Bar.
  • It comes with a 1year warranty.

There are savings all round when installing a SPEEDHEAT. A conventional water storage heater “geyser” costs more, installation costs are much higher, it will consume five times more electricity and water.

  • Element Rated Power: 5 kW.
  • Shape: Round.
  • Dimensions: 120 mm (H) x 100 mm (D).
  • Flow Rate: 3 l/min.
  • Jet Type: Standard.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Mounting: Wall.

NB: Water temp drops as much as 10 % to 8 -12 °C degrees in Winter that can be a big factor when the heat is not as good from the Speedheat in Summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety and Testing

1. Both 3.5kW & 5kW Speedheat water heating models have been designed, manufactured and distributed locally by PLASTIGO CC – DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA for over 30 years. The latest models were developed in 2002 and have been regularly tested over the years by either the SABS or TEST AFRICA resulting in a compliance certificate Letter of Authority being issued by the NRCS. Testing to the very latest standard is in progress.

Installation requirements

1. The 3.5kW Speedheat unit draws 13 amps similar and therefore can be connected directly to a 15 amp plug point.
2. The 5kW Speedheat unit draws 22 amps and requires a qualified electrician with knowledge of the wiring regulations SANS 10142 to install this unit. If a 5kW Unit is installed to a plug point the unit element will burn out or trip the circuit breaker.
3. The element is copper coated and therefore cannot shock you and both units have earth connectors to ensure that the unit will trip the DB board should a fault occur.

RETURNED UNITS within the 1 year Warranty Period

1. All units have a 1 year warranty and can be returned to supplier or manufacturer if faulty as mentioned under warranty on the INFORMATION SHEET found in every speed heat box.
2. All returned units returned are tested and over 90% have been found not to be faulty. User understanding and expectation of the product is the greatest problem as the Speedheat gives a much gentler shower than having a geyser. Many users think the faster I run the water, the hotter it should get, whereas the opposite is true.
3. The black PRD plug located in the white main body may have popped out due to an increase in water temperature as this is a safety device which prevents the water from overheating for any reason. It can simply be re inserted.


1. We have no knowledge of any incident where a Speedheat has caused a fire or shocked a user. We have 2 main safety components in place to avoid any problems that may occur. Figure 3 (THERMAL CUT SWITCH) and Figure 4 (PRD – Pressure Relief Device) found on the INFORMATIONS SHEET in each speed heat box.
2. I am aware of imported water heaters that are capable of shocking users or bursting into flame and the consumer can view clips on YOUTUBE under the heading water heaters.


1. The life of a Speedheat is dependent on usage. A single person showering daily for 5 minutes will get much longer usage than a family of four showering daily for ten minutes each. Speedheats on average last between 5 – 10 years although elements and micro switches can malfunction even within the warranty period. We do know of units that have been in daily use for 15 years. The unit must be installed correctly and the spray head descaled regularly.

A 3.5kw increases the temp. between 19 -25 °C and can be plugged into a wall plug socket.

A 5kw increases the temp . between 25 – 35 °C but needs to be wired directly to the DB board with a 25amp circuit breaker.

We offer a 1 year warranty on our products, the 5kw Speedheat needs to be installed directly to the DB board with a 25amp breaker.


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