The new kid on the block, techscene Online!!! i almost did a gangdum style dance when I came across it, okay no maybe when I had my first conversation with one of the representatives. So my initial order was a little under $10 (testing the waters). That gave me a pathway to start a conversation. My mind was blown away because the person i was talking to had their information in order. I’m a tech geek by the way, I went on about drones (will not bore you with the specifics). The reason I did this little exercise was to get an understanding on whether these guys actually knew what they were selling!!!! I’m tired of reap offs. Anyway techscene people have enough knowledge to cut the story short. I’ve dealt with them for 6 months. In the beginning was a bit apprehensive, thinking they were new in the market hence to get a market share they had to impress…but i can gladly testify I’ve been satisfied since day one. They maintain an above standard rapport considering our current economic state. Based on that regard there’s a few things we can forgive these guys for coming short on.

techscene Online iv nicknamed the great great great grandchild of Amazon and maybe eBay…and having its origins in Zimbabwe makes me even more proud to blog about this home brew. For all who love tech and everything as it looks on the advert, try techscene Online !!!