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So apparently im not the only one who would like to say a word or two about techscene Online. Quite a few tech-news bees in Zimbabwe are subtle looking at techscene Online store. At first I thought it was funny but hey what better way to know the truth but to be undercover and anonymous?!! But great job guys for looking out for fellow Zimbabweans. techscene Online happened when no one was expecting but what a great entrance.
Anyway this week the Hot Hottest deals are on offer!!! Pity they end on the 5th so hurry hurry.
To the gamers out there the Logitec G920 Driving Force – wheel and pedals is a must have…compatible on (because it is a current addiction) 18 wheeler American Pro Trucker!! On play station 2 and PC. It makes the whole experience surreal. But we have to snap back to reality so we can afford these great deal!! Theres also the gaming keyboard Logitech Prodigy G213 – keyboard – US International. Just because colour makes everything less boring. Look up these and more great accessories : (i wanted to put a link direct to the deals but ahhh)


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