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Gel batteries have a longer design and cycle life than other deep cycle batteries.
Their thick-plate electrodes and gel electrolyte make them especially suited to applications where the battery will often be taken below 50% capacity.

– Totally maintenance free
– Superior deep cycle life compared to AGM, Calcium or Wet Cell
– Able to repeatedly accept recharging
– Able to be deeply discharged
– Install upright or on side
– Spill proof/leak proof
– Superior shelf life
– Valve regulated
– No memory effect
– Low self-discharge
– High power to weight ratio
– Rugged and vibration-resistant
– Double layer post sealing
– Long design life
– Lowest overall cost-per-month (cost / months of life)
– Lowest overall cost-per-cycle (cost / number of discharges)
– Certified to CE/ISO/IEC/OHSAS standards
– High sealed reaction efficiency
– Wide operating temperature
– High specific energy density
– High porosity PE separator
– Good cyclic characteristics with low resistance

Compliant Standards:

SKU: 6GFM100G Category:

– 12V Gel Cell Deep Cycle Battery
– Size: 329mm x 172mm x 214mm
– Net Weight: 29kg
– Rated Capacity: 100Ah (10Hr), 105Ah (20Hr)
– Terminal Type: F4 – Bolts & Washers Included
– Design Life: 10 – 12 Years
– Operating Temperature: -30 degree celsius to +50 degree celsius
– Sealed Reaction Efficiency: ?98%
– Self Discharge: ?2.5% per month
– Battery Container: High strength ABS (UL94-HB)

What’s in the box
1 x 12v 100Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery
2 x Bolts & Washers
2 x Terminal Protection Covers
1 x Carrying Strap

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