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Product Overview

Digital Automatic Bill Money counter with UV/MG counterfeit detection
Fast and accurate cash counter plus counterfeit detection
Exceptionally fast cash counter processes about 1000 bills per minute. With digital LED touch pad controls, its remote pre-set display shows error code and sounds alarm when finding forged, jammed, double or broken notes. UV and magnetic protection detects counterfeit bills. Performs batch counting. Accurate sensor controls allow precise counting. Automatic counting feature begins counting as soon as notes are placed into the opening, or stack several notes before using manual counting feature.
Key Features
– Make financials easy for your small business with the professional bill counter
– Efficiently counts 1000 bills per minute no more time spent on counting cash manually
– UV and magnetic counterfeit bill detection to avoid frauds and cheating
– Convenient mini LCD display and an external display for easy operation
Make sure you always have the right total with the professional bill counter, coming with a counterfeit bill detection.
Bill Counter with Counterfeit Detection
Perfect for a small office or business, the professional bill counter will accurately count your notes and do that quickly and efficiently while you can focus on other things.
While counting money can be quite satisfying, it requires care and can take a lot of time.
Even if you are an experienced cashier, you will still need to double check and triple check the total when you count bank notes not to mention instances when you get distracted and have to start from the beginning.
Well, you no longer have to do everything for your small business.
The professional bill counter will take the money counting off your hands, letting you get on with more complicated to-dos.
The mini LCD screen will clearly display your total and you won’t have to spend time recounting.
The external display gives you more flexibility as to where you place the bill counter and lets you easily see the results without moving around.
A great feature of the machine is counterfeit bill detection.
Coming with UV and magnetic detection, the bill counter will automatically spot fake bills and have you notified. So you won’t have to worry about being cheated out of your hard-earned money.
– Counterfeit Detection: Automatic Detecting With UV (Ultraviolet) and MG (Magnetic) While Counting
– LCD Display
– Automatic Start, Stop and Clearing
– With Batching, Adding and Self-examination Functions
– Automatic Half-note Detection
– Counting Speed: About 1000pcs/min
– Hopper Capacity: About 130pcs
– Stacker Capacity: About 130pcs
– Power Supply: AC100-250V +/- 10% 50Hz
– Power Consumption: Up to 80W
– Working Temperature: 0 to +40 Degree Celsius
– Working Humidity: 40% to 90%
– External Screen Jack
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