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The Sceedo Two Wheel Smart Electric Mini Hoverboard Scooter is the next step in the evolution of personal transportation. Powered by Ninebot technology, The Sceedo Two Wheel Smart Electric Mini Hoverboard Scooter is a hands-free, two-wheel electric scooter with safety features, high speeds and long battery life. Indoors or outdoors, it is built to take on a variety terrains.The Sceedo Two Wheel Smart Electric Mini Hoverboard Scooter combines decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to give you the ultimate hands-free, self-balancing scooter. With its enhanced safety features and high-performance system, the Mini Pro is a durable powerhouse suited for a cruise around town or for a little ‘off-road’ adventure. The hoverboard has evolved. Welcome to the future of transport.

• Cool and safe ride for kids 6 and upwards
• Speed up to 16 km/h
• Big pneumatic tires of 10.5 inch to have comfortable rides, even on uneven roads
• Bluetooth connectivity
• IP54 rated protection to protect against all weather conditions including harsh environments such as rain and mud.
• The knee control bar allows the user to steer easily and precisely
• Rear Lights
• Thanks to the fool-proof rider detection technology and the large tires, light body-weight children are better protected from falls.






Easy to Ride:
• You don’t need hours of practice to master the Sceedo Two Wheel Smart Electric Mini Hoverboard Scooter
• Decades of combined industry knowledge to simplify the experience
• The ergonomic design uses precision sensors to determine your body’s movements and maintain your balance
• The knee control bar allows you to steer more easily than on two-wheeled hoverboards
Road Adaptive:
• The Sceedo Two Wheel Smart Electric Mini Hoverboard Scooter is engineered to handle all sorts of outdoor and indoor terrains
• The dual-motor engine can easily take on 15 degrees slopes and handle various road conditions without sacrificing safety and stability
• The 3.5 Inch chassis and 10.5 Inch pneumatic, air-filled tires provide military-grade shock resistance to effectively smooth out bumps and absorb vibrations while you ride
• Lightweight, compact, portable, durable, Can fit neatly into small spaces, such as your car’s boot, with ease
• The compact 12.8kg frame is constructed using only the highest quality aircraft-grade magnesium alloy which makes it incredibly durable
Custom ergonomic fit:
• Design with ergonomic engineering in mind
• The knee steering bar can be adjusted to fit each rider’s unique height
• In addition, the knee control bar pads maximise comfort and flexibility for smooth turning and manoeuvring
• The ergonomically designed knee pad has PU foam to avoid any discomfort while you’re on-the-go
30km range and 18km/h max speed:
• A package that delivers high performance with no cost to riding distance, the Mini Pro comes standard with an imported, cutting-edge 18650-lithium battery that is both lightweight and sustainable for up to 30km
• Durable and reliable encapsulate this state of the art vehicle
Inductive LED rainbow lamp:
• The Sceedo Two Wheel Smart Electric Mini Hoverboard Scooter light scheme is designed to enhance rider’s safety in the most aesthetically pleasing way
• With customisable colour schemes for varying functions, stop, slow and turns
• You have a choice of up to 16 million colours
15 safety controls:
• Riders’ safety has always been and still is top priority for self-balancing transporters
• Patented technologies automatically stop the motor when you lift the vehicle or if it falls to avoid damage and injury
• Sceedo Two Wheel Smart Electric Mini Hoverboard Scooter has passed the reliability test for shock resistance, meeting military grade standards
• More than 50 rigorous tests qualify it as a safe transporter
• Despite a complete safety guarantee, raising awareness of safe riding is also required – so don’t ride near people or vehicles or on highways

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• Stock Code: 11373W
• Description: Sceedo Two Wheel Smart Electric Mini Hoverboard Scooter
• Speed(max): 16km/h
• Load(max): 85kg
• Torque(max): 35Nm*2
• Motor rated power: 350W * 2
• Max power(instantaneous): 2100W
• Gradeability(max): about 15 degree
• Waterproof: IP54 (ordinary waterproof, can be used in light rain)
• Energy resource structure: 30 x 18650 high power Lithium battery unit
• Travel distance: About 30km.
• Typical life means: under the condition of full battery, 70kg loaded, 25°C ambient temperature, 15km/h average speed on flat road.
• Smart BMS: Overpressure/undervoltage/short circuit/overheating protection, auto sleep/awake, test the battery condition through APP
• Charger rated power: 70W
• Rated input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
• Rated output voltage: About 63V DC
• Material: Magnesium alloy high elasticity frame
• Braking method: Somatosensory motor energy-absorbing buffer, energy recycle
• Tyre: 10.5inch low pressure vacuum rubber tyre
• Wheel hub: 6inch magnesium alloy light alloy
• Charging time: 4 hours
• Light: Ambient brightness inductive LED front light, Self-induced LED taillight/turn light, Bluetooth indicator light, Battery indicator light
• Age: 16-50 years old
• Height: 120-200cm
• Max load: 85kg
• Color: White
• Dimension: 54.8(scooter width) x 26(wheel diameter) x 59.5(H) cm
• Weight: 12 with battery

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